Ridgefield’s Small Town Charm is Just Minutes Away from Taverner Ridge

When we planned this community we were soon struck by the added value of having historic Ridgefield, Washington as its small town neighbor.  Ridgefield serves as the entry point to the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge and is right on arm with clear passage to the Columbia River, the second largest river in the continental United States.

Ridgefield and its residents embody the lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest.  After all, they fish the Columbia and are within an hour of Pacific Ocean beaches and Cascade Mountain ski resorts.  And even closer is Willapa Bay, the largest pristine estuary in the lower forty-eighty, and source of nearly one third of all the fresh oysters consumed in this country.

Ridgefield’s earned a reputation for controlled and well planned growth and a friendly, outgoing population.  Just ten miles north of Vancouver and twenty miles north of Portland, you’ll discover the perfect blend of nature, a small town feel, and the beckoning lights of the big city.

A strong school system is another hallmark of the Ridgefield area lifestyle.  Plus plans are in the works for additional shopping opportunities at the junction with Interstate 5.  Taverner Ridge residents indulge their every whim: Luxurious home life, close proximity to nature, a small town to futz about in, and cosmopolitan amenities when the spirit moves.  Truly the best of all worlds.